Back on Schedule… and a new Vid!

It’s been a little bit since the last post was supposed to arrive… life happens!  Hopefully I am back on schedule now, so look forward to some more updates, like this brand new video I made!  Now you can see from a ‘new perspective’ what I do and how I do it!

Let me know what you think of this idea!  I unfortunately do not own nor can I afford a GoPro camera, so I was pretty limited as to how I could accomplish what I wanted.  So, being the person that I am, I went to the garage to try to invent something that could hold my phone where I wanted it to be.  My solution?  Our daughter’s old softball helmet and duct tape!  That’s right, that video was all made with me awkwardly playing bass, saxophone, and EWI through the front guard of the helmet and a very large phone pretty much taped to my forehead.  But hey, it works!  Maybe the CEO of GoPro will stumble upon this blog post somehow and donate one for the advancement of musicians and video everywhere!  🙂

I’m going to try to push out some more posts very soon, so keep coming back for updates!  And please, continue sending me ways to improve the site, all suggestions are welcome!

And as a final note for this post:

Whatever you or your families or friends believe in, keep love close in your hearts.  Love conquers all things, and is the perfect bond of union.  Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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