Tips on making your YouTube page better

Really quick update:  I logged in to my YouTube account earlier today, and realized that I haven’t really updated the format in like… 3 years.  Yeah.  So check out the new and improved page!  For you musicians and YouTubers out there, I definitely recommend you make these changes to your pages as well:

  • If you have personal playlists, make/keep them private!
    • If you’re like me, personal playlists will start to accumulate, just because we all like to be organized.  Not everyone wants to see that stuff!  So just make them private playlists, or make them unlisted so that you can share the link with family or friends that actually care about the vids.  Keep the 200 cat videos to yourself!
  • If you have interesting playlists with information or things relevant to your content, keep a few, or rotate them for interest. 
    • Enough said.  It just keeps things organized.
  • Manage your featured videos!
    • Display your videos on your front page.  Log in via your laptop or PC, look at your landing page, and put the content that you want people to see right in front of them.  You can add as many as you want, but keep it organized.
  • If you have videos of yourself uploaded by others, add them to a playlist and feature them.
    • Some of my highest quality videos were uploaded by bands I’ve been in, or by family (my mom is awesome btw).  I added these to a featured playlist so that those can be displayed on my page for those who may not know to go to other pages to look up sample videos.
  • Change the order of your video to display the latest uploaded videos first. 
    • I may be wrong, but by what I can see, this doesn’t happen automatically.  Just click on your playlist name, go to Playlist Settings, and click on order settings. Change this to ‘Date Published (newest).’  It looks much better this way.

Have you found other things to make your page more professional?  Please comment and let me know!  And make sure to check out my YouTube Page and let me know what you think about it!

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