Reflection of Jazz & Wine Festival 2016! 

So many great things happening lately. First off, Team Skelton rocked the Kenny Kent Lexus Jazz & Wine Festival this year! Despite the event being inside due to impending weather, all the musicians involved did a spectacular job. 

To top the night off, a moment that will forever be in my heart and soul. I was named the 2016 musician of the year, and who presented it to me? None other than my incredible mom. This moment could not have been any better! 

This is so very special. I think I may make a separate blog post about what this moment really means for my mom and I. 

I got to tour around a bit during the festival and got to see a lot of amazing people! On Tap Project was the first group I heard at the event, and of course with the talent of Theo Akai, Johnny Coates and Dekar Baker, you know you’re going to get an incredible show. They killed it! Of course I had to jump up and play a couple tunes with my brothers… Haha! 

I also had a little time to hear a few songs from other artists, including Stephen Horning and Big Ninja Delight, Carl Rodenberg and Company, BG3, and After Hours. All the groups really brought their A game, I was floored! And of course, my good friends Wade Baker and Jamie Taylor took the stage and truly put on an amazing performance. Shout outs to them, they are amazing people!   If you have me on Facebook, check out the live videos! 

There will be more posts, stay tuned! 

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