Music Workshop at Delaware!

Yesterday, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach a workshop to the 4-6th grade classes at Delaware Elementary School.  What a fun time we had!  These excited young ones shared with me the instruments that they play, as well as letting me in on the instruments they’d like to play in the future.  I was able to help them understand the value of practice and how long it takes to get to the ‘professional level’ of musicianship. And of course, I showed them what I do as far as looping and playing multiple instruments. After explaining the EWI, my ‘odd’ 6 string bass guitar, and alto and soprano saxophones, I played a few songs for them. At the very end, after answering as many questions as I could, I got just a little snippet of video and some selfies with these awesome young kids!  Here’s what I got:


Words just cannot describe how much happiness and joy I received from all the students, and having an opportunity to get them motivated and excited about music that isn’t just delivered to them via cell phone or a push of a button.  But real, live music made in front of them by a musician.  My heart is so full of joy!

Please stay tuned to the website.  My next post will be a very important one, or should I say, a very rare post coming from me.  Cheers!


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