Month: August 2017

Sneak Peek Friday- Sunshine My Way

Last one before the Album Release Next Friday!!!!

Sunshine My Way is a great song for all.  It reminds me that no matter what is going on as we all try to make through each day, to think of all the things that give us strength and joy.  There’s already plenty of things around us that can bring us down, make us forget about how much the people around us mean to us, and may even cause us to reflect negativity towards another.  But especially in hard times, remember the sunshine.  Remember how the Sunshine refreshes us each day, gives us that nice warm feeling, feeds the beautiful flowers and plants around us, and most importantly, gives us life.  Whenever I’m feeling down, bring that Sunshine My Way!  🙂


Sneak Peek Friday- Next Chapter

The Video Game Soundtrack to my life.  🙂

Next Chapter was written to be the 2nd track in succession to a song that actually didn’t make it to the final list of songs (maybe next album…?).  This song delves into a lot of different genres that I really like, including Trap, Electronica, World, Jazz, Dubstep, and much more.  As I’ve gotten a little more proficient on guitar and keys, I incorporated a little more solid chord changes in this piece.  Next Chapter also represents a new freedom I have learned very recently.  I don’t have to just ‘fit the bill’ per say, I can make songs the way I hear them in my mind and not have to be restrained to having a ‘jazz’ or ‘smooth’ sound.  I can make these songs exactly the way I want, and not hold back.  I guess another good name for this song would have been ‘Stepping Stones.’  I have 3 favorite parts to this song- first of all, the bass line- I just can’t get enough of it, haha!  Second, the drop.  Because of my love for Dubstep (yeah I went through that phase, and I’m still not totally over it lol), I’ve always wanted to make a successful drop in a song.  I haven’t had much success with it.  But I really like this one, possibly because I didn’t feel the pressure of having to make some kind of epic ‘WUB-WUB’ bass line to launch into after the build-up.  Third, the final push at the very end.  It’s loud, it’s in your face, and it’s awesome when everything finally just goes all out.  It’s like that final level of a video game you’ve been trying to beat for what seems like forever.  So I guess, think of this song as also the ‘video game’ backing track to my life, haha.  Keep moving, and keep leveling up!  🙂

By the way, tickets are NOW ON SALE for my Album Release Party at Mojo’s Boneyard on September 1st!  For more details on how to get your own tickets before they’re all gone, contact Mojo’s Boneyard online, or call them at (812) 475-8593.  Thank you all so much for the love and support you have shown!  🙂

Sneak Peek Friday – Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean is sweet, it’s smooth, and it brings me joy. It can also represent anything (or anyone) that makes you feel the same way. What (or who) is your Vanilla Bean? 😉

Releasing this song is a jump for me in many different ways.  First of all, I’m singing.  Yeah, something I’d pretty much said would never happen on an album, haha.  This song is also more of a venture outside of the ‘smooth’ sound that a lot of my songs have into a more ‘hip-hop’ sound mixed with horns.  And I’m warning you now, this song will get stuck in your head for days, haha!  This song has a lot of meaning for me, and I hope that you can find your own within its beats and memorable melody.

From the upcoming album, Inside My Mind, in stores and on Cdbaby September 1st, 2017.


Sneak Peek Friday- Chapter 1

Chapter 1

This is the only track that was written before I decided to work on this album as a whole. Chapter 1 was originally written for an EP that I had put together a couple years ago.  Graciously played for months on the local jazz radio station 91.5 FM WUEV, the project as a whole only sold a few physical copies and never left the ground.  But, I really like the song, so I decided to ‘re-release’ this track to the public on Inside My Mind.  I believe the idea for this originally started as something I made to see what I could do as far as layering EWI parts, and turned into a tune that symbolizes a new way for me to show expression on a digital instrument.  Since it was originally recorded, I’ve found new techniques to getting a more ‘human’ sound on the EWI, which you’ll hear on some of the other tracks, but this is pretty much where it started. Recently this tune has been taken to and freshened up for the whole Team Skelton band- get ready for that release!  I hope you enjoy this beginning into a new venture.