Monte Skelton- Album Release, and the Week Ahead

For me, this year has been full of growth in every single way.  Growth in understanding the world outside of my normal everyday perspective has been a major part of that.  My schedule has been full of teaching lessons, performing in new places, and sharing all the love and smiles in the world with old and new friends and family.  I’ve also been working on a very bold, very fresh new album, which I have entitled ‘<My World>’, to be released September 1, 2018.

This album is 11 tracks, and I would say, an upgrade from my 2017 project .  This time around, I decided to truly embrace the things that make me who I am.  You’ll notice a very unique blend of analog and digital instruments in these tracks, a quirky blend of soulful and nerdy, which pretty much paints a picture of my personality.  <My World> tells a story- A very optimistic beginning quickly gives way to reality and how lonely that can sometimes feel.  However, quickly you learn how to make the best out of reality- that’s where you find true wisdom, true happiness, and true love, all in its many forms.  You will hear this shift in tonality and intensity throughout the album.   This album also features vocal tracks.  ‘Nothing Left,’ beautifully sung by Maigyn Jackson, begins a story of heartbreak and loneliness, followed by a period of ‘Recovery,’ with vocals by Justin Purdy.  ‘Recovery’ is about having those walls up that we all have, but then realizing those walls may not be as thick as we thought, with the right person.  There is one song in particular that I felt I really wanted to sing on my own.  Continuing from the songs from ‘<Inside My Mind>’, I wrote a song named ‘Chapter 3- What is True Love?’  This song features Eric Duke playing percussion along with some djembe, talking drum, and hand drum work of my own.  This song probably took me the longest to make, with over 81 tracks of percussion, ukulele, guitar, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, bass, and vocals.  I have NEVER sang on a song before… so this is going to truly be a step outside of my comfort zone.  Of course, a major part of my happiness recently has been my kitten PJ, so you know he has a track dedicated to him on the album!  So, yes- it’s called ‘PJ’s Song,’ and you’ll hear me playing it at my performances now!!!!

This album has tracks featuring me playing saxophone, EWI, and bass.  Altogether, I believe I have played a total of 21 different instruments to create the full project.  It is truly a special album for me, and it is my hopes that it has a positive impact on whoever decides to listen to it.

I want to send a special thank you to all those who have supported me to this point. I hope that you can make it to one or both of the special events this week, and I hope you can catch the interviews! Here’s a brief rundown of what’s to come:

The Week Ahead- 8/27-9/1

Monday- Local Lifestyles with Ange Humphrey on WEHT, 10am

Tuesday- 91.5 FM WUEV, 5pm

Wednesday- Facebook/YouTube Live, Time TBD

Friday- Best Day Ever with Gretchin Irons on WEVV, 8:40am

Friday- Album Pre-Release Event- CK Newsome Center, Evansville, IN

6:30pm- Doors Open

7:00pm- Interview/Livestream on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Live open question and answer after the interview

Saturday, September 1st- Front Porch Festival, 611 SE 1st St. Evansville, IN

5:00- Festivities Begin

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