Weekly Livestream Show!

Well, as all of us are experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic in our own ways, many musicians have had their lives upended. Personally, I am very thankful that I can teach lessons virtually, however, 50-60% of my income comes from public performances and therefore has been nonexistent since the beginning of March. Also, I miss performing live for people! So, for your pleasure and mine, I have been performing live shows on my Facebook page every Sunday at 6pm CST, and then posting those videos the next day on my YouTube page for all to hear. So be sure to check them out, and if you feel obligated to leave a tip for me using PayPal or other digital format, I greatly appreciate it! Here’s the one from yesterday, and the rest are posted as well! Enjoy, and I hope that all of you are staying safe! Show love towards one another!

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