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Team Skelton/Skelton’s Montourage first started as a 5 piece high-school jazz combo named ‘Soul Factor.’  Monte Skelton and his trumpeter friend decided to take some original song ideas along with some jazz standards and put a brand new, high-energy sound to them.  This idea led them to entering a talent show competition at their local high school.  They had such a positive response, that they were asked to play at a local jazz festival in Newburgh, Indiana.  It was then that Soul Factor started to bring the ‘jazz band sound’ back to Evansville.  Each month they would completely pack a local coffee shop with both a young and older crowd, something very unique to most bands around.  After a couple years, Monte took over the role as bandleader and the band was renamed ‘Skelton’s Montourage’ by their bassist.  They continued their monthly performance at local favorite live music venue “The Deerhead,” and continued to play to a completely packed house month after month for several years.  At the end of 2012, the band decided to take an extended break, which lasted one year before Monte decided to bring Montourage back with ‘more awesome.’  With added horns, new vocalist Shelly Long, and a new, tighter sound, 10-year old Montourage came back in 2014 with 7 members.  Monte wanted the band to go back to its original idea- provide a high energy, versatile, original sound that people of all ages and backgrounds will love to hear time and time again.   With that, the new Skelton’s Montourage was born, and continues to wow every audience they play for.  The band changed once again in 2016 with Shawn Brashear taking over the reins of vocalist for the band.  Skelton’s Montourage begins to adopt the name ‘Team Skelton’s Montourage’ in 2017 as the band plays for many major events, including the Newburgh Jazz & Wine Festival, Owensboro Friday after 5, Vectren’s Family Day at the Park, and the Kenny Kent Lexus Jazz & Wine Festival.


Monte Skelton: Saxophones, EWI

Justin Purdy: Saxophones, Flute, Vocals

Shawn Needham: Guitar

Gordon Schumer: Keyboard, Seaboard, Vocals

Bryce Klueh: Bass

Dekar Baker: Drums

Eli Green: Percussion, Drums