Bryce Klueh

When Bryce Klueh started to play bass in 2007, he made it a goal to be able to function in any musical situation he might be put into. He has played with some of Evansville’s best musicians, with a wide variety of genres. In 2012, Bryce recorded Audition with Jazz Fusion guitarist Shawn Needham, which was later picked up by Rhombus Records and was submitted to the Grammys for Best Jazz Fusion record. He is currently recording with Local Rocker Paul Blake and Mock Orange Drummer Heath Metzger. Bryce has played in a number of successful bands around town, and has been a part of the orchestra for some of the local musical productions of Hairspray, Fame, Footloose and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. A number of musical genres have shaped him into the player he is today. Bryce says movie and video game scores and Classical were really the first bits of music he latched onto, then eventually Progressive Rock, Funk, Polka and all forms of Jazz. Bryce says, ‘I feel this allows me to bring a lot of variety and groove to the rhythm section of Skelton’s Montourage.’