Happy moments from Monte’s Studio

One of the things I enjoy and love about private music instruction is the process of learning how others learn.  Everyone is different when it come to learning- some are best at sitting in a classroom full of people, some work best in solitude.  Some are book learners, some are interactive learners.  The challenge as a tutor/private instructor is to figure out how to engage each student in the best way, to keep them motivated to advance their knowledge of whatever subject they are focusing on.  When you achieve this, it’s the best feeling in the world, for both the teacher and the student!  Every teacher lives to see that ‘aha!’ moment in those they teach.  Here are a couple of mine:

I recently discovered an app that has really helped my younger students in their guitar/piano studies.  Yousician, available for Android and iOS devices, allows the student to follow scrolling on-screen notes using their own instrument.  The app gives you feedback on which notes are right and wrong, and features a very interactive guide that helps the student, whether an adult or a child, keep proper fingerings and technique.  In my findings, this app is really good for very active younger ones.

Mr. Caine has been a student of mine for a few months now, and he loves to play the piano.  For him, he learns at such a fast rate, that it is very difficult for him to sit still, which creates boredom and lack of interest very quickly.  We were going through a basic instructional booklet, which I found wasn’t helping him very much.  He was struggling with wanting to learn the notes in the left hand, especially.  Then, this happened.  I introduced him to the Yousician app, and everything changed.  Any mistake he made, he wanted to go back and perfect.  He was suddenly eager to learn the notes and identify them as quickly as possible.  Just watch the improvement he made in literally 15 minutes.  Keep in mind, before this, he didn’t even want to use his left hand, let alone identify the notes.

This is just one of the many examples I will be posting in the near future.  Keep checking back for more information!


First off, I want to thank all of you so much for the support you give my family and I!  We value and cherish all of our friends so much, and you’re always in our thoughts and prayers.

Are you in the Evansville area?  Looking for a place to have dinner tonight?  Come join me at Kanpai; I’ll be playing a solo loop set from 7-9pm.  Kanpai has some of the best sushi in town; you’ve gotta check it out!  In fact, go in there and ask for the Monte Roll.  Seriously!  🙂


**Update**I actually fixed my car myself!  Well, for the most part.  There are a couple fragments still frozen in ice in the driveway, but besides a small hole, it looks pretty normal, haha!

Also coming up at the end of the week, Skelton’s Monoturage will be performing at Mojo’s Boneyard, starting at 9pm.  We’ll be playing some of our new tunes; don’t miss the fun times!  Also next week, my darling wife and I will be playing for the Brown Bag Luncheon downtown in Evansville!  That is always such a fun performance; don’t miss it!  That same day, I’ll be jamming on the top floor of Zuki Downtown around 6pm, so you can get a double dose of fun music!

I LOVE working with the students and staff at Evansville Music Academy.   My students have all been so great!  And it is just such a great experience to work one-on-one with someone else, to see how they think and grow, to watch the light bulb turn on when they really understand- there’s nothing like it!  And by the way, if you’re interested in taking lessons, let me know!

So the next post will be the exciting conclusion to my 2015 Reflection.  I can’t wait!  So, I leave you with this thought:

Never, ever underestimate the power of a genuine smile.