Full Show (Team Skelton)

Booking for:

Small/Large Venues, Festivals, Weddings, Special Events, Recording Sessions, and much more, just ask!


  • Monte Skelton
    • Jazz, R&B, Funk, Soul, Originals, Pop
    • Experience playing many events from coffee shops to corporate events to stadium/festival events
    • You’ll see/hear live looping, improvisation, and lots of fun!

Duo Shows

  • Loops and Rhythms

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Small Group Shows

  • The Keith Farny Jazz Collective

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  • Skelton’s Montourage
    • It’s the full band!  You’ll get 10 kinds of awesome, enough said!

    • Booking for medium to large venues, corporate events, special events, festivals, and stadium events
    • You’ll see/hear everything from original music to your favorite well-known tunes!

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Team Skelton

We are capable of any combination of these groups, just let us know what you want! Email me!
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