It’s 2020!

And way, way past time for me to update this blog, haha. With the other 1, 329, 567,845 things I do, my website has definitely been lowest in my totem pole of priorities. So I was thinking, how can I remedy this? Well, one thing I’m doing is shifting the focus of the website a bit. My blog posts will be just that, an area for me to be me, tell my story in a format that would take longer than 15 seconds to skim through. I’ll update it when I can. When I do, it’ll be worthwhile. The rest of the site will be constantly updated with my videos, music, merchandise, and info on all the projects I’m always involved in.

I’ve been busy writing new music, performing of course, and doing lots of teaching and learning. Navigating my way through my new Headrush Looperboard has opened some new doors in looping possibilities. Searching for growth in my guitar and piano playing has helped me navigate my way through music theory and a better understanding of how to balance the realms of electric and acoustic sounds. So yeah, lots of cool stuff coming your way. Team Skelton will now continue as Skelton’s Montourage, and we’re preparing new tunes, as well as live versions of my originals from My World and Inside My Mind.

Along with all the music and teaching and work, this past year gave me the opportunity to grow as a human being, to understand who I am and how to take care of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I cannot stress how important this is, especially to those of us who have always felt like something was always missing. We have to understand ourselves first, then we can fully extend ourselves to others. Some may disagree and that’s okay, this is just where my perspective of live has taken me. There are some really great books and videos that I may recommend in the future, but I want to stress, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It’s okay to disagree, and it doesn’t make anyone any less or better of a person. It’s just them. Read it again if you need to. 🙂

So here we go! The calendar of events will be updated within the next couple of weeks, and until then, my facebook page is completely up to date with the public events until March. Happy 2020 everyone, keep pushing forward!

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